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Grant for Report on Terrorism

In reading the DHS handbook of 2016, I stumbled upon a report that's wanted by psychologists. I work with a forensic psychologist who is willing to do the report if it's funded. The only way I saw getting funding for the research wanted was to write a grant. I wanted to reach out and see if there were any other suggestions on how to submit the information once we start the research project, or other ideas for funding... more »


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2018 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review

Create an Open Investment Fund a la In-Q-Tel for DHS

It is my proposal that the DHS form a transparent Investment Fund similar to In-Q-Tel that would allow for group and individual investors to invest in proposals they bring forth, should they invest up to the cost cap, or generate revenue ample enough via an investing group or via grassroots, slow capital collection methods. In this way it would not be a burden on the tax payer, 'nor subject to the scrutiny that public... more »


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