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Border Security

Pandemic Proof Society: Mandatory Masks on Public Transit

Coronavirus has demonstrated that the US is frighteningly vulnerable to the appearance of another pandemic. We are on track to lose more people to Coronavirus than every one of our wars individually. We have already lost more Americans than many of our wars COMBINED.

Though it is difficult to say, Coronavirus is not the worst pandemic to come. It is far gentler than what may be out there. This is frightening, because... more »


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Open Data

Drastically reducing ATM-related crimes

There are many ATM-related crimes including the most dangerous ones when thugs abduct and torture the victims forcing them to disclose the PIN of their ATM cards. Many times after obtaining the cards and PINs the criminals kill the victims to eliminate witnesses. Then having the cards and the PINs the criminals try to get as much as possible from the victims accounts. Most criminals hide their face (using sunglasses,... more »


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