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Open Data

The DHS site is for facts and verification. Has DHS screened the data being shared. DHS still background checking?

The information to be shared here is to put factual and verifiable information that can be inserted to the Department of Homeland Security for threats to any of these data set campaigns. These are not to be used as a bitching post for opinions and loudmouths. There are real security issues that need to be shared pertaining to the well being of ALL LEGAL AND PERMANENT US CITIZENS. Education, Aptitude, and Experiences are... more »


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Border Security

Walls are outdated. Use drones.

The gentleman from Vermont might not have been entirely out of line today when he explained walls are "last century's technology". So use drones across the ~1800 miles of needed border. Specifically, an array of response drones could be enormously beneficial to CBP, ICE, and DHS in general. Drones can be programmed to automatically recharge on environmentally sound seismic pylons (detection of underground digging) that... more »


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