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Cyber back doors in our 911 system putting LEO's lives in danger, access to NCIC, Citizen Identity theft and Voter services.

I served DHS for over 10 years as an IT Specialist traveling nationally. Privileged to have served at FLETC and abroad. Aug 22nd of 2016 I accepted a position in my own County as a Technical specialist so that I could be home with my family of 6 as an active father. My first day on the job I was given a set of instructions to configure a police officers laptop (MDT) in their vehicle. The 2nd step in a four page document ...more »

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2018 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review

Cybersecurity and Homeland Security

"Secure and Safeguard Cyberspace" has long been an important DHS mission. However, cyberspace has evolved significantly since our last comprehensive strategy review in 2014. Connected devices, from smart phones to refrigerators, have brought the internet into nearly every part of our personal and professional lives. Beyond that, the Nation's critical infrastructure and essential government functions are increasingly ...more »

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