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Open Data

Cuba Immigration to the USA.

Arrange for Political Refugees easy access via asylum into the USA with either relatives, friends, or Sponsors.

The same or better policy many years ago.

Another Mariel Boat Lift as it were, admitting those that are unjustly incarcerated by the Communist party for violating freedom of speech or right of assembly. Or minor incidentes of traffic violations etc.

Possibility of a "Health Visa" for a 2 year USA residency... more »


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Border Security

Addition of K1 Visa Exception to current Pres. Travel policies

Respectfully request DHS look into having Executive Branch leadership add K1 visas into the allowable exceptions for international travel restrictions that currently exist. It seems ridiculous to ask a fiance in the Schengen zone (or another safe location) to spend 2x weeks alone and isolated in a non-Schengen country just so they can enter the U.S. The current policy of only allowing immediate family members into the... more »


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Academic Engagement

Support International Students AND their EDUCATORS in the US

F1 students must be allowed to continue their studies in the US online and remotely with the safety of in-person classes in question.

"International students in the U.S. contributed nearly $41 billion to the national economy in the 2018-2019 academic year, according to NAFSA: Association of International Educators" more »


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