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Academic Engagement

Cultural Marxism is a Threat; Antifa is a Communist Org trending idea

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf does not name Antifa as a Domestic Terrorist Org. The US Army Academy at West Point is teaching Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is Cultural Marxism and Antifa is the violent wing of Communism.

Communism is also known as International Socialism! It is called "International" because it seeks to dissolve races and nations, as in the words of Karl Kautsky, the leader of the Social... more »


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Election Security

Stop The Steal; Dereliction of Duty

My idea is, what if DHS began securing the homeland instead of abdication of it's sworn duty? We can turn this around using simple, single step.


For example, current process is an placing agent raising his right hands, swearing to protect the Homeland from her enemies, including those within. That part wouldnt change, just the next part:

Current process: the agent then leaves the swearing in ceremoy, and then forgets... more »


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