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Academic Engagement

Avoiding abuse by colleges trending idea

Universities are reclassifying their majors to get around DHS regulations, for example New York University classifies journalism and drama under a STEM major. STEM is science, technology,engineering and math. This is clearly abusive.


In other instances for example at Berkeley, professors openly stated they would conspire to get around DHS/ICE rules by having one student classrooms for immigrants. Immigration is highly... more »


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Open Data

International Students and the Proposal - Don't Go Through With the Proposal

I am writing this idea in order to urge the Department of Homeland Security to not go through with the proposal to watch international students even more closely than they already are and to have them register every year, while paying a fee. This is in response to the recent news about a new proposal by DHS officials. This proposal is a disaster not only because the agency and schools lack the resources to keep up with... more »


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