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Academic Engagement

China Espionage in Universities trending idea

Most people are not aware that China reportedly sends “STUDENTS” to the U.S. to OVERTLY participate in various educational courses, and COVERTLY their main purpose is to participate in stealing research and trade secrets. Other individuals could participate in espionage over a longer period of time. There are many fields that may be the targets of Chinese espionage at Universities, below I will give a very... more »


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Open Data

Problem about international student living in LA county

Hello everyone! My name is Lyva IOC representative Cambodia student club in Glendale college. As you know that according to COVID-19 pandemic all the people that living in the state is starting to receiving the stimulus check and also state California releases the P-EBT that helps the people during this pandemic but the international student that living in the state is receive nothing at all. In my opinion, if that state... more »


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