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Border Security

Maximum Security Flying Orb Hopper

The Orb Hopper

The Hopper is a VTOL flying craft that can be made to land on water, land or both. The Hopper does not have exterior moving rotor blades like a helicopter. The Hopper's rotor blades are enclosed in the center fan chamber. With no exterior moving parts like a helicopter, a parachute for the entire craft can be safely deployed.

The Hopper can use a contra rotating fan blade system in the center fan chamber... more »


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Election Security

Put violent demonstrators on the No-Fly List

News has indicated many of the most violent demonstrators, including Antifa, are flying into certain cities to instigate violence and disrupt elections. Since they fly around the country, creating anarchy, put them on the No-Fly List. Put anybody arrested for violence on the list and certainly anybody convicted of street violence.


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