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Border Security

Congress is facilitating an eventual catastrophic failure

ISSUE: Is Congress facilitating an eventual catastrophic failure?
PURPOSE: Analysis is enhanced when a scenario is framed in such a way that all parties may evaluate it objectively (removed from tribalism, partisanship and emotions). Consider the following.
In the context and timeframe whereby Congress is looking to point fingers and shift the blame upon our wonderful, amazing, brave and selfless... more »


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Election Security

DHS Should not be used against protesters. Congress should act to redefine DHS rules of conduct, use by executive, jurisdiction

It is wrong for DHS agents to be used as police to break up lawful protests, which are protected by US constitution. The events in Oregon underscore the fact the DHS actions there are being used as a partisan tool and not because of need. Specifically local officials never asked for DHS agents to "help" . In fact they want them to let them handle it. Remember states rights? . Conspicuously DHS has never been called to... more »


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Open Data

Remove the current occupant in the Whitehouse as he is incapable of doing what needs to be done on a nation wide scale.

Use the 25th amendment to remove both him and his sycophant lackeys that are not looking out for the interests of the people of the United States, the state and local governments and territories in this pandemic as well as not supporting the hospitals and their workers sufficiently enough.

We need a leader who is capable of actually leading a nationwide effort to keep supply chains running, essential goods being manufactured,... more »


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