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Border Security

Walls are outdated. Use drones.

The gentleman from Vermont might not have been entirely out of line today when he explained walls are "last century's technology". So use drones across the ~1800 miles of needed border. Specifically, an array of response drones could be enormously beneficial to CBP, ICE, and DHS in general. Drones can be programmed to automatically recharge on environmentally sound seismic pylons (detection of underground digging) that... more »


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Border Security

Funding Border Security/Wall - Collaboration

Instead of fighting with Mexico over funding the border security (including the wall), why not work together to solve one of the biggest root causes of illegal immigration (drug cartels and poor/dangerous living condition in Central America). The USA and Mexico could form a joint police/military alliance to go after the drug cartels. The two countries can split all proceeds from confiscated assets 50/50. Mexico could... more »


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Open Data

Mexico Border Crossings - The Victims

The real victims of illegal border crossings over the Mexico border to the U.S. are hundreds of migrants who die in the desert every year. The Los Angeles Times and others have reported that this number of deaths ranges from over a hundred to two hundred and more painful deaths every year despite the reduced number who actually attempt to cross in recent years.

The vast majority of these people are desperate family... more »


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