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Open Data

Holistic Lost and Found Network (Cross-Industry, Worldwide)

It is estimated that over 9 BILLION items are lost worldwide every year. The risk of losing your item is especially high while traveling for multiple reasons like being distracted, rushing, massive crowds, etc.

Traveling today can be stressful – even more so if you lose an important item along the way. "Where did I lose it? Who could have found it? Where did the finder hand it over?" So the odyssey of finding the right... more »


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Border Security

Aviation / Counter Terrorism Idea

Counter Terrorism / Aviation Security

After the attacks of 9/11 and other hijackings I decided I would read the 9/11 Commission report as part of studies in Counter Terrorism and Political Violence. I read that after the events there was an upsurge in the air marshal project and procurement of secure cockpit door systems on many flights.

I saw this as both a positive and a negative due to the fact that not everyone,... more »


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