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Election Security

Put violent demonstrators on the No-Fly List

News has indicated many of the most violent demonstrators, including Antifa, are flying into certain cities to instigate violence and disrupt elections. Since they fly around the country, creating anarchy, put them on the No-Fly List. Put anybody arrested for violence on the list and certainly anybody convicted of street violence.


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Academic Engagement

Cultural Marxism is a Threat; Antifa is a Communist Org trending idea

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf does not name Antifa as a Domestic Terrorist Org. The US Army Academy at West Point is teaching Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is Cultural Marxism and Antifa is the violent wing of Communism.

Communism is also known as International Socialism! It is called "International" because it seeks to dissolve races and nations, as in the words of Karl Kautsky, the leader of the Social... more »


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Open Data

Get Serious About Stopping Riots By Using Technology

There are many techniques that have been developed by DOD and DHS for crowd control. These include intense sound waves, light and sound effects that cause disorientation and nausea, and a range of imaging/surveillance technologies.

This includes the ability to track the trajectory of projectiles back to their source and target illumination (high-intensity spot lights?) and video resources to that location. Drones, helicopters... more »


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