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Election Security

Call out Foreign Trolls Directly - Let the Public Know Who and What Actors are Malicious

While social media companies have recently stepped up their efforts to combat foreign influence on elections, more can be done to alert the public and to dismantle disinformation campaigns. Quacks and conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones or other weirdos should be called out and isolated. We should not allow messages from foreign facebook, twitter, instagram, or even harmful memes to become viral or otherwise influence... more »


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Open Data


Ever hear of the saying “there are no coincidences” … At what point does a “Conspiracy Theory” become a Plausible “Fact Pattern”… “The Nunes Memo” is a mere TREE among a FOREST of issues …and because I am apolitical, I am perfectly willing to put aside the memo and refocus on the forest below (Bear with me).
ISSUE: How is it that every major decision for several years PRIOR TO 2017 could result in NEGATIVE impacts... more »


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