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Pursuading Sanctuary Cites to uphold Immigration Detainers and Pay for a Wall

Observing current decisions by Federal Judges has compelled me to offer the following suggestion.

Sanctuary cities refuse to honor administrative detainers and many politicians believe that illegal entry is not a crime. There is a solution that both proves the point and drives it home that there are consequences to thwarting the Federal Laws of the United States. Utilizing 8 USC 1325 would be a good way to compel... more »


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Border Security

Why not utilize an outdated yet still very productive deterrant already bought and paid for?

Why not deploy our currently mothballed fleet of sound wave generators?

These are non-lethal, directional, ground penetrating and unless their power supply is interrupted (which with current renewables shouldn't be an issue) will generate a sound field which is incredibly effective. This has allegedly been utilized in one theater or another since 1974 and with new tech I am confident can be modified to be much more effective.... more »


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