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inhalation disinfectant

In dentistry, we have been using CMCP (camphorated para-mono chloro phenol) as a disinfectant in root canals for over 100 years. It is highly AROMATIC, and the VAPORS ALONE inside a necrotic tooth can kill almost all bacteria, fungus, and virus' within a day or two.

You can literally smell this all over a dental office. Over my 40 years practicing dentistry, I have accidentally spilled less than 1/2 ounce of this once or twice in my office, and breathed the vapors for a few days, with no apparent deleterious effects. While I do not recommend breathing this for prolonged periods of time, I was wondering if breathing this for a day or two could weaken or kill the COVID-19 virus? Someone should try this. I see very little on the down side.



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