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drone security

It's very likely that some terrorist attacks will involve drones. Although this suggestion would not work with drones that have already been manufactured, the gov't should require all future drones to incorporate "identify friend or foe"-type capability, so that if they enter an area that is restricted, a gov't agency can query them to determine everything about the drone, including the registered owner, instantly. These future drones should also have a " control take-over" mode, so that if they do enter a restricted area, the gov't can take over control and land the drone, where it can be investigated. As noted, currently existing drones or future custom-made (not from a manufacturer) drones would not be affected by this measure, but attempts by less-than-brilliant or less-than-dedicated "evil doers" to cause havoc with their drones could be defeated, and the bad actors could possibly be identified. For "resistant" drones, signal-jamming, physical interception, or destruction would still be necessary.



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