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Work visas for foreign "white collar professionals" to be suspended/cancelled Off Topic

The work visas should be suspended or entirely deleted for all "white collar professionals". I am US Citizen with about 18 years of work experience and have US accredited BS and MS university degrees in Accounting with a decent GPA. I spent at least 3 years as unemployed…and I have learned that some Finance Manager level jobs were given to foreign individuals who were sponsored by their companies. These are primarily large international companies which give US based jobs to their non-US employees. During my jobs search I found approximately 25 people within my profession who transferred by their companies to USA. For example: A large company has transferred a Finance Manager from Brasil to Florida or a Plant Contoller from Turkey to Georgia.


Also US Department of Homeland Security should publicly share the list of names of foreign individuals hired on work visas in USA along with the companies which sposored them.



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