Border Security

Why not force the Illegal population here in CONUS to pay for border security and their support?

Residing in small-town Central Texas, I've noticed the local illegal population has nearly doubled these past 5 years. The local Municipality states that it isn't their job to enforce Immigration Law's and refuse to become involved. My daddy always said to work smarter not harder.


I recently read that Mexico charges CONUS illegals as much as a 30% tax to send money into Mexico. I surmise that if they are willing to pay 30% to Mexico, topping 27 Billion last year, they would be willing to pay another 30% towards manning sound wave generators and/or a wall, in addition to the many Federal and State programs which benefit them greatly. I am told the illegals in our Municipality have somewhat unionized in that none will work for less than $10.00/hour, with one claiming to be receiving $80.00/hour for a special skill.



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