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Why didn't you release my idea?

I couldn't help noticing there are at least three ideas listed (approved in hours) after my, still "pending approval" comment was made a week ago. I presume now it will never be approved. We both know, my comment doesn't breach the site rules unless you are calling the verifiable truth an insult to the government.


I also couldn't help but notice the irony, the dramatic irony and the astounding irony as noted below.


Before that however:


On thing I didn't mention is that, at the time I was contacting the Obama administration, via agreement of confidentiality, my system was being peer reviewed by the ex-chief executive in charge of spam security for one of the worlds largest anti-virus companies. The person (we agreed I would never name as leverage) was, at the time, considered the worlds leading authority on spam e-mail. So, I don't think anyone inside or outside of the industry is going to find a method to defeat my system. In fact, in two minutes, I believe I could convince anyone with an IQ over 100 that my system is fool proof.


Also, when I was contacting the Obama administration, I was an executive with very little time to spare, I am now retired and intend to take this to it's logical conclusion.


So, the irony:


1. When I say: I can put an end to spam e-mail and save the world up to $150Bn per annum, seven years on, I am greeted with 100% apathy and 0% concern; however


2. when I say "the government is apathetic and has no concern regarding my comment I can put an end to spam e-mail and save the world up to $150Bn per annum" there is 100% concern, 0% apathy and my comment is prevented from publication.


The dramatic irony is that whilst you seek to not publish my comment, presumably for your protection, you are at the same time forwarding me an e-mail to prove you received my comment which you have blocked for what I believe to be the only possible reason: That you believe the truth of the governments apathy would reflect badly on the government and be looked on as being grossly negligent if the voters found out. Is this highly newsworthy?


The astounding irony is that you seek to conceal my comment to the handful of viewers on your site when out there, the voters, several fortune 500 companies, the European Community, Britain, Saudi Arabi and Japan have all had major email spam based losses over the past 7 years which could have been prevented if there was a spam system to prevent it. Now, it appears, within a couple of months, I will have the same evidence that nothing has changed and that apathy is endemic to the system of government. You seem oblivious to the impact on the world view of USA governmental competence something of this nature would have compared with 100 people seeing it on your site.


Please don't draw some misconception this is some sort of threat, it is merely an observation of what is a possible outcome of my total determination to see this resolved somewhere in the world. I hate e-mail spam which is why I searched for a solution but, I also concede, there is an enormous intellectual value to its solution I am not about to ignore.


Consider what happened to the UK two weeks ago: A ransomware spam email attack has rendered Obamacare in chaos, someone shows the US government how to prevent spam email (which they accept is feasible) then they tell you: "I offered this to the UK government 50 times, all departments, seven years ago and they ignored me." What is the USA's opinion and comment on the UK government? No doubt: "This is something that would never happen in the USA." And it's the same for any government that hasn't already done it.


Publish my comments or don't publish them, I thought it was simply a failing of the Obama administration but I am now quickly feeling satisfied the US government has been given a vastly greater opportunity to own this than they actually deserve.



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