Election Security

Voting System overhaul with high security

We all know how third world countries have manipulated Paper Voting Systems - that includes Mail In Voting.

Here's my proposal for a much more secure Voting System!!!

Here's my proposal of the Blockchain Voting System to moving our voting system closer to true Democracy & CAN BE DONE FROM HOME!

Between Republican Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression, Voter IDs & Voter Registration suspensions along with their move to eliminate the Voter Rights major regulation via their approval of Right Wing Supreme Court Judges which required States Election Commissions to justify their voter rule changes to the US Election Commission before any changes were allowed to be implemented. Then the Republican enactment of various Voter Rules changes to benefit the Republican Party to assure their candidates. The continued Republican refusal to assure Voter Rights within their Party Platform shows they are willing to violate even their Oath of Office which requires the support & defend our Constitutional Democracy. This clearly shows that the Republican Party cares only about POWER and not our Democracy. What the Republicans have been doing to our Voter Rights is TREASONOUS because their violating their Oath of Office!

The most effective way to move us a more Democratic approach to Voting would be to move to the Popular Voting approach and eliminate the Electoral College along with the Gerrymandering Districting!

If we're trying to improve our Democracy then the Popular Vote approach whether Federal, State or local is far superior to what we have today, replacing our Current corrupt Voter system with an entirely new one called Blockchain Voting System where we incorporate the Cell Phone with Facial, Fingerprint, & Iris recognition and allow voting via the Blockchain Computer Technology. A Group of Nerds in West Virginia created a system using Blockchain Computer Technology with the Cell Phone to allow their Military citizens to vote overseas in 2018

I'm promoting the approach of placing these Blockchain computers in our US Post Office - out of the control of State & Local Politicians where the US Post Office can return to their banking system they had before 1998 because the Blockchain computer Technology works great for banking. Giving the US Post Office the responsibility of the Voter Registration would further UnPoliticize our Voting System.

This system lends itself to moving to the Popular voting technique and even moving the the California Voter Referendums.

Allow Popular Referendums Voting would move even further toward Democracy along with the Popular Voting technique and away from the current corruptions in present voting system. We've seen how North Carolina & Georgia have manipulated the current voting system to assist a particular Political Party and away from what should be Democracy.

Remember that India is already using the Cell Phone to Vote!

I'm a retired Computer Nerd who got started with computers working for Military Intelligence as a Crypt Analyst.

My pet project is the BlockChain Voting System which you can visualize on YouTube at :

There an author Dr. Patrick of the book titled "Election Attitude: How Internet Voting Leads to a Stronger Democreacy" whose interview you can watch at:

Here's an article about the West Virginia creation of this system at:


The logic place for these Blockchain linked computers is the US Post Office & here's why:

Giving the US Post Office the responsibility of the Vote System & the Automatic Registration would further UnPoliticize our Voting System & with the Cell Phone as the means to vote would increase in voters involvement giving a big boost to our Democracy. This system would lends itself to moving away from the Electoral College toward the popular vote counting and would even encourage the move the the California Voter Referendums technique.

Saving our US Post Office from the Republican move to Privatize it would be another benefit by giving them the responsibility of care for our Voting System. Redirecting all those millions of dollars current spent by the Voting Districts on those Hackable Voting Machines where we have to stand in line to access, would obviously easily finance this US Post Office Blockchain Voting System and even some left over to help some buy cell phones they'll need to vote with. The US Post Office could also help with the financing by return to their banking system to replace those dangerous Pay-Day-Lenders. The Blockchain computer Technology works great for banking and offer a much improved level of security.

This is a Win Win Scenario where everyone benefits especially our countries Democracy.


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