Border Security

Vary Citizen Engagement Campaigns to Promote Continued Engagement

People tend to become numb to hearing the same admonishment to be vigilant and report suspicious incidents. With the advent of the coronavirus and fears of a pandemic, we should find creative ways to keep citizens engaged with their surroundings and continue to look for suspicious packages, suspicious individuals, and those who might be up to no good. We should engage with the public on social media, through work events, and even in social situations like sporting events and other events and festivals with tailored messages that aren't the tired old phrases people have heard before.


Whether it involves engaging creatives from marketing agencies to dream up something like a Progressive or Geico ad, or comedians using humor to ensure the public stays vigilant, we should find ways to keep people focused not only on their jobs and responsibilities, but also on potential threats and things like co-workers who may become violent and other violent threats or malicious actors. Things like viruses can spike fear and disengagement - we should be creatively encouraging people to not retreat within, but maintain vigilance and be on the lookout for threats.



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