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Use the National guard to help buy food from farmers and distribute it to the nations food banks.

The National Guard has the ability to help pick, send food to processors, process(if needed using existing facilities), and ship foods (processed or not) to food banks around the country and set up warehouses for excess processed foods like canned vegetables, dry beans, wheat, lentils, etc.

It is a national tragedy and shame that so much food is being plowed under and left to rot at a time when so many are out of work and hungry.

Allowing in migrant workers who are normally here to pick and process foods would be a good thing as most Americans are not trained for farm work and certain crops need a trained eye to know when a fruit or vegetable is ready for picking.

We also need to get the nation's meat logistics up and running as well since slaughterhouses are currently down due to Covid 19 and poor practices at those p[plant that allowed the virus to spread among workers. Chicken, piglets, cows, and lambs are all being slaughtered due to slaughterhouses not operating.

Right now a famine is in the works and the government needs to step up to make sure that doesn't happen here.

The Federal government has the ability to pay farmers, hire farm workers, hire food processors, hire truckers and send that food where it is needed across the country and around the world if a surplus exists here.

There is no excuse for not doing these things.


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