Border Security

Use of 'Fleetlights' to help prevent peaceful protests from turning violent.

After watching time and again how peaceful protests turn violent at night . . . I thought how valuable it would be to light up areas where protesters/vandals are congrugating. I searched for "drone lighting" and found something in the UK named "Fleetlights". It seems that a large mobile fleet of drones outfitted with lights and high definition cameras could follow protesters/vandals . . . provide stadium like lighting . . . and capture everything happening with high definition cameras. The lighting would be a significant help to law enforcement officers on the ground . . . and the high definition cameras might be a significant deterrent to vandals. The fleet of drones could fly in unison and follow the action on the ground. Muliple fleets could be deployed to follow each area of protest. If the high definition cameras act on their own to deter vandalism . . . it would reduce the need for law enforcement to engage vandals . . . and lead to a significantly safer environment for all.



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