Border Security

Upholding the ORR

The DHS has defended policy that REQUIRES the state to separate children from their parents if they cross anywhere besides a port of entry, meaning these children, innocent save being born, will be passed into the Office of Refugee Resettlement.


The ORR, this week, both acknowledged it "lost track" of 1,475 children and refused to ensure policy changes to prevent this from happening. The staff at ORR maintain—reasonably—that effective safeguards for these children while their parents undergo litigation requires funding beyond what the office is currently allotted.


Part of what makes America great is our nation's historical commitment to defending the defenseless. All those of us who take our heritage and the American name seriously must campaign for the ORR to receive the funds it needs to take care of the children we take into our care—if we don't, the USA will be remembered not as responsible but as careless and cruel as the nations we've fought to be free from.


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