Election Security

Updating election system

ID card scanners: Voters show ID card to gain entry to Vote via Dbase: see YMCA for member use, same for voters

Keypad Voting machines

Voters put votes by Keypad

Cybsersecurity deters keypad hacking.

Trash dated voting machines.

Voting data at Local Registrar under lock & key

Use biometric face scanning via TSA for Voting

Scan voters from USBP ICE data & local PD.

Sign Video pad for entry vs paper system.

Make mobile

Less labor for polling places alone.

ALL elections: state, city, Federal.

Bids on keypad voting units to produce.

Can alter data & cut costs in printing Voter Info.

Major issue: Hacking, Ransomware issues, Malwear

Otherwise doable.

Keypad has screen to denote ballots & one votes 1 for Yes, 2 for No or input Prop #.

Flexible & doable.

Total polling place set up time: 2 hours.

Polling place breakdown: 1 hour.

Voting data is in the "cloud".

Secure cloud mode.


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