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Update to COVID-19 Vaccination improved roll-out ideas

The January 11, 2020, NBC Nightly News broadcast ran a story mentioning the Philly Fighting COVID organization. This group brought together software engineers and scientists to create an electronic vaccine registration software program. The news story quoted the founder of this organization stating that their software greatly simplifies and increases the speed of mass registration for COVID-19 vaccinations. He additionally stated that they have begun setting up mass vaccination sites and are using pre-filled syringes to speed up the pace of administering vaccine inoculations. Philly Fighting COVID has a website that lists their organization as being registered as a 501 (c)4 Not-for-Profit organization. The website also lists [email protected] to direct any inquiries or questions to. DHS and HHS and Operation Warp Speed should contact this organization to explore utilizing their registration software and open source model for setting up mass COVID-19 vaccination clinics across the U.S. and its Territories.

B.A. Mills, FEMA


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