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Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy and Ozone Blood Therapy with superb treatment successes around the world currently

Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy (Biophotonic Blood Therapy) (UBI) in combination with Ozone Blood Therapy has demonstrated miraculous results for COVID-19 around the world.

Recently in ITALY ~~ Miraculous success with first hospital study of 36 COVID-19 Patients with Ozone Therapy ~~ New larger Ozone Therapy study involving several hundred patients has been started.

* I should mention that the 36 study patients were lined up to be on ventilators, but were grabbed just prior to intubation.

Like the lead Doctor Amato De Monte points out:

~~ With Ozone Blood Therapy, there are no adverse side effects. Never. – It is completely safe.

~~ It is extremely simple and very inexpensive.

~~ It is non-patentable.

~~ It has been shown to improve many, many health conditions, along with a person's general well being.

~~ Veterinarians and Dentists also utilize it with incredible results.

~~ …and much more.

SPAIN again success!

"Best Practices Slide" from William N. Bryan of Homeland Security's "Science and Technology"

Solar Light = UV Light Disinfectant = Ozone Heat = Patient's Fever


Here is Clint Eastwood's Daughter Receiving Ozone Therapy on 'The Doctors TV Show' . Click on the YouTube Channel or link in the show notes to find out more. (4 minutes)

The basics of UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) therapy, what it is, what it does, its history and studies. (25 minutes)

Why "Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy" is The IDEAL TREATMENT for COVID-19 ! Explained, Summarized and Demonstrated in 4 minutes. April 11, 2020 Dr. Clifford Fetters, MD of "Health and Wellness of Carmel, LLC" Indiana "Treating COVID-19 with IV Ozone therapy" (4 minutes)

International news outlets are reporting that clinical trials with ozone treatment for COVID-19 are being conducted in China, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Romania and Turkey.

The trials being conducted in other countries are by approval of hospital ethics committees and through patient informed consent.


I could go on and on. There are thousands of anecdotal stories of success with using these two protocols for many ailments.

Anyone who really studies the scientific literature (much is in Europe), and understands the fundamental body mechanisms involved with the immune system can grasp why these two therapies are ideal, entirely safe with no side effects, and inexpensive treatments for COVID-19.

Sidenote: Remember Mr. Bryan's words - 3 things - Solar Light = UV Light Disinfectant = Ozone Heat = Patient's Fever

The body's immune system naturally induces a fever. When sick people take Ibuprofen to reduce the fever, anecdotal accounts show that they suddenly get


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