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My wife and I are US citizens and seasonal residents of Ontario, Canada. We own a private family camp on a large lake about 70 miles north of Ignace, Ontario. In our end of this quite large lake there are 9 other US citizens who own property.

Each May we journey 25 hours from our Cincinnati, Ohio residence to our camp and have found that the harshness of the winter weather usually necessitates some level of repair or maintenance before it returns in October. We have made a significant investment in our Canadian summer home and wish to keep up with that maintenance.

As we approach mid-June and our government considers any possible modification to the current border closure, Homeland Security needs to advocate for all of us who own property in Canada to be permitted access across the border to our properties with the same limitations that also applies to Canadians returning from abroad…a 14-day quarantine at our respective properties upon entry to Ontario. Only those named on legal ownership documents, evidenced at crossing, should be permitted to enter.

Access under these limitations, and any other limitations that may necessarily be imposed (masks, social distancing, limited time restriction in Canada to attend to our properties, etc…) would offer little if ANY additional risk of viral spread, is a reasonable request, and would allow those of us who have this type of life investment to attend to our property's needs.

We, and most others, closed our properties in late September of last year. The potential of not having access to it until spring of 2021 is simply not acceptable. Imagine leaving your home today and not being permitted to return for almost 2 years.

Leadership of DHS…please advocate for all of us who have made this life investment to have access to our properties NOW!


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