Too Much Red Tape for Retired AF Disabled Veteran

On August 3rd I had an appointment with the NY State DMV Office to obtain my Enhanced Drivers License. Because I am Catholic, when I had my Confirmation I used my foster father's first name as my confirmation ie, middle name "Andreas". My Social Security card from 1967 also had this as my name: Wolfgang A. Wintersteiner. Because it is not on my German Birth Certificate, I was unable to obtain this document. I guess becoming a citizen of this country at age 15, joining the AF at age 18, during the Vietnam War is not enough for Homeland Security to grant me my license. I also have/had a Top Secret Clearance, a NATO Secret Clearance, and a CNWDI (Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information) Clearance. So after all I have done for this country, including being a DAV who strains every day to walk and stand, or get out of a chair, I am denied my EDL until I give the state more paperwork. Yet, we let millions into this country, who are not citizens, give them free of charge all of our benefits, and entitlements, but I have to prove that I am worthy or even deserving to get my EDL? Just my Retired AF ID Card should guarantee me this document without having to jump thru hoops. I was shot at during my enlistment, threatened by terrorists, and not once was my loyalty to this country questioned. I acted and performed under pressure to keep not only this country, but also parts of Europe safe during the cold war. I was also a Nuclear Weapons Crew Chief that built and maintained gravity bombs and Minuteman III war heads, but because of an "A." from 1967 I have to waste my time and look for more paperwork to get a license that I would like to apply for. I can guarantee you I am not the only Veteran who has issues with these requirements. If you want to keep this country safe, deport the Illegal Immigrants once and for all. I came here with a Visa and did it the right way, and they can too if they want to. And no, I did not come from a privileged family. I lived in a foster home and my mother was divorced, but she wanted me to have a better life in this country. So take a minute to think about your requirements, even from veterans who served honorably and defended this country, so all of you could now have a wonderful government job.


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