2018 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review

Tighter Border Security

We all want to make it even more difficult for any ISIS or al-Qaeda member to gain U.S. entry. Here are a list of proposals:


Land entry:


- Travellers with Secondary SSSS screening shall be randomly selected for polygraph screening. It is quite difficult for any malicious traveller to hide their screening


- The ability of U.S Custom authorities to not only download pardoned criminal records from the CPIC Canadian Police databases, but to also detect criminal records of Canadian offenders before they even attempt to roll on U.S soil for the FIRST time. This can be done by accessing the Canadian CPIC database on a routine basis.


- Ban the option of U.S Entry waivers (I-92 and I-94 forms) completely.


-Expand the list of banned past travelled countries. For example, not only Syria, but also any other country or countries bordering those of banned countries


-Those attempting to cross the U.S border with a criminal record shall be not only denied entry but automatically prosecuted, and it should be considered a felony to even attempt to cross the U.S border, even if it's the first time




- Use fingerprinting technologies as an added layer of security. This is a quick and cost effective way of identifying passengers in case they a tempt a forced entry (FE) such as forcibly running to board an aircraft or past a checkpoint.


- Expand the watch list to include ALL present and past offenders from any country, not just those affiliated with terrorist related crimes. Currently, there are only over 1 million cases on the watch list.




- FE's by sea could be an easy way for advanced intelligent al-Qaeda groups as the oceans are so large and vast. The same applies on land in areas away from highways. Therefore, I support Trump's idea to build a secure wall perimeter


- Terrorists can conduct an attack in ways no one may imagine: e.g. they might build their own planes from Syria with nuclear and other highly destructive chemicals like Uranium, fly them "near the U.S coastlines" where large cities are present like New York and Miami, and destroy them down just before the U.S checkpoints. Therefore, we need a way to be proactive at detecting any unknown flying aircrafts on the radar as proactively as possible




This could becone a future threat if al-Qaeda or ISIS is capable of building their own spaceships.


I encourage all readers for my idea because I think if you all do, it will be possible to put anyone of those into action by U.S Congress.


Thank you.


Mark Ghobrial



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