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As a resident of Atlanta, I consistently see large 18-wheeler trucks violate the ban on traveling through the Downtown Interconnector at all times of the day. It is my understanding that GADOT has banned such truck traffic. Not to be too Clancyisk, but a large truck loaded with explosives, especially during the rush hour, could not only case massive destruction, but if Amos stopped under a bridge or elevated MARTA rail station, could kill thousands and take out both the City's and the region's entire transportation system. Atanta, like other inland cities, also has major rail links that bisect the downtown areas. Hazardous chemical rail tankers wired with explosives could easily destroy Atlanta's entire downtown, World Congress Center or high-rise federal government, state government office and court buildings that are located directly aside of many of these through-city rail lines.


The resent I-85 bridge fire along with ISIS's call to use more trucks and transportation systems as a way to inflict terror on the West, showed that events like I describe can and are being done.



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