Border Security

This might be a cheaper more efficient way to handle the migrant and asylum seekers.

It is estimated that ICE detention facilities cost from $135 per day to at least $300 per day for a family bed. Some of these tent cities can charge up to $750 per day.

In a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone approach, we could help those in financial straights with the pandemic while we can offer a better detention solution for much cheaper for the taxpayer.

The idea being to offer Spanish speakers with a spare bedroom, $1500 for a parent and $500 for each child up to two children, (3 in one bedroom) That is $28 per day per person.

The rules might include the participating family pass a background check. They must pay to feed as well as house the family. Neither side can sue for injury on the property. If the migrant family were to leave, it must be reported immediately.

Since the families can be anywhere in the United States, no community would be burdened by too many migrants. There might be five families in any one city or county.

Each family would be assigned a police officer (Spanish speaking) and possibly a parole type officer. These would be government contacts to check in, transport to hearings, etc. There would be a nearby clinic chosen in case of emergency and some sort of insurance card used for any treatment.

Because families would be spread out, it would be possible to even put the children in school and any one school might have just two to four new students so they also would not be burdened.


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