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The poor count too!

I have a great idea let's pass a laws that give a $100 dollars a week cash money to thee unemployed. Think of it, that's enough money to end the crime situation and prostitution, of course theft. What have we got to lose or else you could end up in a society of loser's. so guess what! It only costs taxpayers $5-- five bucks apiece each! It's based on unemployment rates 20 to 1 shot! That's 5% unemployment rates if we all give $5 dollars weekly we can pay the unemployed $100 dollars a week. That'll end poverty as We know it at a cost of five lousy bucks. We need it! C'mon let's end poverty with five bucks apiece each. Prostitution, theft, and begging will stop cold in it's track for only five measly dollars. Isn't it worth the five dollars tax hike we're gonna place on the working class citizens of these United States of America c'mon it's so worth it! So get off your duffy! and make it happen! now I'ma smoke a cigarette which the poor can't yet due legally without begging for it in public which is minorly illegal except from the sidewalk . .where nobody is! Malls beer! They can't drink beer the homeless can't drink a beer in public where they live . .isn't that messed up if you think about it! If it's not in full view of the public who cares just put it in a baggie! As long as your not staggering in public and what if you were it's no different than a handicap person walking around blah! Just support taking $5 dollars from the rich and giving it to the poor in my plan! Thank-you!



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