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The next move campaign

The problem with them helping the homeless and using government money anyway for i can see this a joke right so a friend of my moms in a house and was she was taking off the street put in a home and she was sick son move to take of mom and home care get his for support service and i really dont if they program saying he could be there with his mom first for most that her son wheather he had no where to live or not what mom would there kids on the streets so anyway the point is this mom dies and they taking the home back and told he have move out of in two mom just died not only he just had a hip surgery too and they putting on the street now what in the right do think they can use money to take someone home thats being use for the homeless to make the one that using from not becoming homeless that make no since at all and abusing and misconduct there ability to understand the whole let lie and mislead the reason the program to solve a problem. What are stupid to think that by taking and making the one thats in it now and there in a terrible time right and putting them on the street taking that home to help the next they have lined person in line thats dume real dume my cynthia pimentel or francis house center program manager are you really misleading the program solving the problem you here to help the needed there in need of a home too so why do you think it ok for you tell them they have a chance to help stay there so there not home why dont you people get it together and doing the wrong thing and puting conduct today misleading are government system cause of the failure of right of humanity protecting the protecting of to role these thing... Its a waste time to let people with no drain to let run a project like this that just have no idea of the main reason it in act and goal to base achievement wtf


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