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The best measures to contain COVID-19

I have the best measures to contain COVID-19.

Containing COVID-19 is not just a matter of medicine, but it's more likely a matter of physics. Frankly, I'm a physicist of genius. I'm absolutely sure wearing fabric gloves and masks can contain COVID-19. The reason as follows:

1. If COVID-19 is transmitted through hand, hand washing is good, but wearing fabric gloves is far better. Because the virus is very small, when you are wearing fabric gloves and touching the virus the virus can be easily pressed into the fiber gaps of the gloves and stuck between the fibers. When the virus is stuck in the gloves, it's far harder for the virus to drop out from the gloves than from the surface of your hand.

Besides, when you are wearing fabric gloves, you are reluctant to touch your face, Even if you touch your face with gloves, it's harder for the virus to land on your face from the gloves than from your hands.

So I recommend: when you get out, wear fabric gloves, when you get home, take off the fabric gloves and then wash hands immediately, this will perfectly block the virus.

By the way, fabric gloves can be sterilized and can be used again and again. And so there would not likely be a shortage of fabric gloves.

I'm sure fabric gloves are far better than latex gloves for general public. If health care workers run out of latex gloves, I'm sure fabric gloves will also help. I think fabric gloves are also better for health care workers, because the virus can drop off more easily from the latex gloves than from the fabric gloves.

Put simply, fabric gloves can absorb COVID-19 and other virus just as sponges absorb water, and then we sterilized the gloves.

If all of the people around the world wear fabric gloves, every person is actually wiping down every surface, if this continues for a couple of weeks, we can eliminate COVID-19 and the flu.

2. The masks can prevent you from touching your nose or mouth accidently or unconsciously, and also, I think, can block some of the virus. The western people have now recognized non-medical masks, I needn't to explain anymore.

I told my friends about this through my social median account on Jan 26th, 2020. I sent an email to the U.S. CDC about this on Mar 18, but as you know, they are very busy currently, they must have not read my email. On the night of Mar 20th I called the CDC, I was holding the phone for about an hour to listen the automatic voice, but still could not get an available representative to speak to.


Fabric gloves are the most powerful weapon to fight COVID-19.

Let me explain how my idea works:

If you touch a hard surface with your fingers and slide on it, like the top of a table, then you look at your fingers, you might see some dust on your fingers.

But if you touch a textile surface with your fingers and also slide on it, like your quilt on your bed, even if the quilt has the same dust on it as the table does, you can't find dust on your fingers.

When you touch a hard surface, there are no small gaps on it, so your fingers can pick the dust up. When you touch a textile surface, because there are many, many, many, small gaps between the fibers, you can press the dust into the gaps, so it's hard for you to pick up the dust.

So when you are wearing fabric gloves, even if you touch some virus, the virus can be pressed into the fiber gaps of the gloves.

So these are our family's measures to block COVID-19, I'm sure they are the best.

1. When we get out, first wear the new gloves or sterilized gloves, then put on masks.

2. When we are outside, make sure the mask is always on, and try our best to keep the gloves on, if we need to use phones, we can take off the gloves, but after using the phone, put the gloves on immediately.

3. When we get home, carefully take off the gloves into a stainless steel basin, then carefully take off the mask into a small stainless steel basin. Carefully means only touch the mask's slings, do not touch the mask's outer and lining, and let the mask's lining upwards in the small stainless steel basin. In this way, the mask can be used many times. And then wash hands completely.

4. After there are more than a dozen of gloves in the stainless steel basin, pour boiling water into the basin, and steam the basin and the glove for about an hour, the gloves are sterilized and can be used again and again.

5. Do not sterilize the masks, because sterilization or even water can damage the mask's structure and will affect the filtration.


If hand washing works, my idea of wearing fabric gloves will absolutely work far better. If hand washing works, but my idea of wearing fabric gloves doesn't work, I'd like to accept the most severe penalty under perjury including death. I just want to save more people, my oral English is not good, I hope anyone who see my post and understand it can report my idea to the U.S. government to save more people.


Wenbin Zhao


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