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Terrorism prevention during covid-19 outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak presently has U.S. citizens feeling stress and anxiety. I'm wondering if terrorist organizations or homegrown terrorists will seize this opportunity to strike America when it is down. I'm concerned that hospitals, especially large hospitals in major urban areas of the country, could be targeted. All hospitals should have visitor restrictions in place by now. Hopefully, security staff are at the entrances to make sure these policies are being followed. Among the policies, perhaps there should be mandatory bag checks for people bringing in backpacks or any luggage that could conceal an explosive device. Airport/TSA-type inspections of such items would be appropriate. Visitors should be asked which patient they are coming to visit—they should have to provide a name—and security should ensure that said patient is registered at the hospital. Security personnel should give no indication that this is part of a terrorist prevention effort. If asked, security can simply say something like "we had a visitor sneak a patient's guinea pig into the hospital two days ago so now we're checking everyone." If nothing else, visitors should at least have to walk through a metal detector. I'm probably being paranoid, but with America's focus set on helping the sick, its guard may be down which would make this an opportune time for a terrorist strike or multiple coordinated attacks.


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