Terrorism in Biological Warfare

The absolute form of pandemic chaos is to use biological agents. Terrorist "bad actors" could easily affect the free world through very little effort. After 9/11 I wanted to get involved to do my part to help our USA. SMAT II Team out of NC was designed on the basis of Biological Incidence. I was the Chief Engineer and we first would deploy Mobile Hospital Units. The second thing we would perform was to investigate and evaluate for secondary IED or infiltrators to attack the medical staff. I have sent my concerns about herding all of our logistical and medical staff in to large arenas where it would be very easy to disseminate a secondary device and take out key personnel. I also sent this reality to Johns Hopkins Security Health Division so that they could help spread this info to the powers to be. We have not dispersed these crowds so this is a very real threat. Think of the physiological and strategic disaster that would give terrorists power. Better move on this ASAP.



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