Terrorism Indicators Within Citizens Corps.

Awhile back some of Citizens Corps activities were reviewed by a few subject matter experts. A few of the activities presented terrorism indicators like using businesses , women & kids to harass and confront adults. These activities were documented on video.

It was discovered through the Blue Leaks which Im in that slanderous reports were through fusion centers. There was reports of neighbors stalking citizens off our country. Stalking is linked to violence & mass shooting something any good American should be against.

I discovered Citizens Corps through hiring a private investigator. After relocating to multiple state Id find myself being harassed by sherrifs , Citizens on Patrol , Public Safety , business owners , National Sherrifs Association, Infragard.

Citizen Corps


There are a variety of groups abusing the Citizens Corps programs one is Infragard which uses the Defense Industrial Base for contracting opportunities. The CIA also admits its a stakeholder. Another concerning factor are why are kids being used at times.

Citizens Corps programs also use non disclosure agreementsso their activities receive soverign immunity.

Regional Councils which run many Citizens Corps programs are ran by masonic judges and rely on city officials helping to support them . Citizens Corps programs activities pose a direct threat to schools & communities if its using gang stalking tactics based on nlp and organized harassment.

Citizens Corps motto Uniting the Nation is truly based on uniting business owners the government and it is using sting ray technology. I didnt know what that was till I visited Citizens Corps around 2015 after a private investigator tracked a women following me there.

I politely requested that Citizens Corps stop following me at their office later I followed law enforcement advice to speak to the local Safety Office in Austin in turn I was framed with a report thats false. Fortunately I have extremly damaging proof and I may sue just for giggles not money.

Being harassed systematically wasnt Citizens Corps doing only Ive dealt with GS4 etc. I have proof. I left Texas partially over Citizens Corps and variety of public / private stakeholders. Bad thing a false reports its sent to HSIN communities which leds to good people being targeted and harassed in communities.

If any Christians read this keep me in prayer Im hoping to start a non profit that works to prevent community mobbing. God bless.


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