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Terror funding through elderly abuse

Banks are useless and conspirators to an ongoing scam. This week my father passed away and I discovered he had been taken for more than $250,000 through internet scamming starting with Facebook where they prey on elderly and lonely.

Why is there not a department that can go after these criminals or even potential terrorist ? I myself have the email headers sent through Google, or the app that is used to call every step has a log file of the next hop to the real IP address to the actual location.

This is international problem and as a cyber security person I know the possibilities and tools are here, with treasury and state department we can stop the funding, this could be low cost high reward not only in public sector but private sector.

The overly educated practitioners can't keep these criminals on the hook to expose. Today I found a scam on Facebook where someone is impersonating a general chandler but chandler is not a general he is a master Sargent. He contacts women to scam them in helping him just as women do to men. A team could pull a sting trace the funds and locate these people.

Please contact me to put this together I have a vested interest and already put a special prosecutor together. We need to protect our brothers/ sisters in uniform and our veterans along with the public.


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