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Stop Immigration at our community

Not once, we have seen what we think are illegal immigrants at our local stores and shopping malls. I think we are not entirely wrong in our assumptions. I never once saw ICE come in the mall and detain what we think are illegal aliens, and I believe it mostly a public image problem. Our government officials simply don't want to cause a "scene" at the local mall. And yet everyday goes by without solving the illegal immigrants problem. Regardless of the work that customs and immigration do at the airports, i think some people still manage so 'slip' in our country, and later on just over stay their welcome and by then become illegal aliens in this country.

I think ICE should make up with a "community approach" type of plan to try to find their way into local public shopping places, and simply start asking questions and taking assertive actions. Food courts and kiosks are the more prone to hiring or sheltering these type of illegal workers, since one would assume that corporate businesses have a higher standard of making sure that the employees are authorized to work in the US. I think we need to take a bigger stand on this, thank you.



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