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Stop Electronic Harrasment Gang-Stalking Targeted indiviuals

Electronic Harrasment is also called remote neutral monitoring. It is said this could be done by Goverment Agency's. I think criminals doing this could be acting as if they are doing a Goverment Agency job position. My idea is to drug test all Goverment Agency case workers to find out if their doing illegal activity and if so search their vechicles for remotes due to the words " Remote Nuetral Monitoring " they may say they monitor people and use remotes for electronic harrasment gang stalking done to targeted indiviuals to hurt them as electronic harrasment charts show.This could be done to set up medical kidnaps and this may be for human trafficking. Electronic harrasment kills people. It appears many are being invisibly tortured. My idea is also to find out if this is done by microchips. I read the FDA made human microchips legal. The targeted individuals might swallow microchips unknowingly.


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