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I recently started getting emails from something called BlabberBuzz who's clear motive is to continue to stir hatred and distrust of the current administration and Democrats in general. The same kind of non-facts that caused people to feel they had to 'take back the country' by storming the Capital. They claim to be a forum for debate, but are using this 'forum' to promote poisonous lies that pose clear and present danger to society. We have Truth In Advertising laws - we need Truth in Reporting laws (ie. for 'news outlets' like Fox, NewsMax, etc) and something similar for on-line groups in order to tackle the extremely dangerous dissemination of propaganda and misinformation. I googled 'report fake news' and came up with nothing really helpful, which is what eventually lead me here. We need a place to report disinformation and a task force to analyze, remove or block content, and work 24/7 to prevent this kind of 'information' from being disseminated. There should be serious consequences for those both foreign and domestic who engage in this kind of subtle but not-so-subtle terrorism.



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