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Simple Solution for Computer users

5/15/2021  Good After Noon MY Fellow Americans  Now this IDEA its So Simple It's Basic Common Sense for People with Home  Computer's & for People use use Computers at work  Put a Simple White  CLoth  Cover Over Your Computer's  & Keyboard to keep the Dust Particles in the Air from Settling on Your Computer and Like I MENTIONED MANY  MANY YEARS AGO to Bill Barndollar and Mrs Linda Fields from Telecom Park  COMMUNICATIONS CENTER Put Little Air  filters made out of foam media  in front of every Computer's Air Intake Vent which will keep the mini  CPU  Internal Fan's  from ACCUMULATING Dust  YES I AM CHICAGOMIKE  MR MICHAEL THOMAS ORTIZ IN CRESTWOOD ILLINOS  I Suggested that GREAT IDEA YEARS AGO IN FLORIDA  TO  THEM TO START A COMPUTER FILTER BUSINESS IN FLORIDA & THEY COULD SHIP THE AIR  FILTERS ALL OVER THE WORLD TO COMPUTER BUSINESS'S  & COMPUTER USERS YES MY GREAT  IDEAS MAKE TRILLIONS OF US DOLLARS PER YEAR THOUGH I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE ANY OF MY ROYALTY CHECKS  DO YOU BELIEVE ME NOW



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