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Simple Home Security / Pest Control / Idea Modification

4/9/2021 Very Simple Idea for Home Security Against burglars / and How to stop those insects and bugs from sneaking through openings around your doors and Windows. WELL You know those Little 12" x 4" Stick GLue Boards that You set on the Ground to Catch Mice Rats & insects If You have ever stepped in one of them then you know how sticky and hard it is to Remove it from the bottom of your shoe ANYWAY [] = [] Design different Size GLue Strips to Put around the edges of Your windows put them out of Reach of Children of Course then Imagine For a High Security Building Put Custom Sized GLue Boards in the Room Below the Window or Huge 10 foot 6 foot wide Removable GLUE Boards in the Hallway near the Front & Rear Door then if a burglar is on the prowl and he gets past your door or window & He Steps on it in the Dark IMAGINE HOW THAT GLUE BOARD WILL CATCH THAT BURGLAR & Great Idea to Protect Your house while going on vacation Though of Course keeps your pets away from those GLUE BOARDS there are many good uses for those GLUE Traps



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