Border Security

Separating Kids from Parents and Asylum

Here are some easily implemented steps- that shouldn't have to involve Congress passing a law (good luck on that!)- to substantially reduce the number of applicants for asylum


1. No longer accept requests for asylum at the U.S. border. Shift the responsibilities to our embassies in the various countries from which the people are coming.


2. When a person with children requests asylum at an embassy, take a DNA swab from the asylum seekers and the kids. If the test (which takes only 3-5 days to process) shows no relationship, terminate the asylum request. That should eliminate 80% of the requests according to government figures.


3. If the DNA test shows a fraudulent attempt, prohibit the asylum seekers from EVER obtaining admittance to the U.S.


4. The embassies can do initial screening on the validity of the applications. Many of them are for non-legitimate reasons and could be terminated immediately.


5. Asylum seekers will remain in their foreign country until the request is processed. When that happens, the embassy is notified to contact the people and give them a date to show up at the border for a hearing. Pending the results of the hearing, the people return to their country of origin. If they don't show up for the hearing, terminate the request.


6. Anyone caught trying to enter the U.S. without going through legal channels should be processed (fingerprints only) then returned immediately to Mexico without any kind of hearing. Anyone caught trying to enter a second time should be charged with a crime and, if children are involved, the children should be turned over to the Mexican consulate for them to take care of.


Following these suggestions will save us a BUNCH of money, we won't have to house people, separate kids from their "parents", or have people in the country that probably won't show up for a hearing.



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