Border Security

See Through Glass/Plastic Wall

I had an idea that if we make the wall that is separating Mexico and America with some see through material then it would be a good idea because the reason many immigrants try to make it into America from Mexico and other countries is because they have this notion that in America "the streets are paved with gold". While it is true that if you work hard you can make it in America there are many people who have a myth that one that one simply needs to show up in America and that all your problems will be solved. People believe in the old adage:"The grass is always greener on the other side". If we make parts of the wall see through then people can see from the Mexico side that America is not so different. It is not some mysterious place that people are trying to not let you see or go into but America is what it is. A lot of people intentionally try to jump over the border fence because of what they see on tv. They see all the celebrities and Hollywood movies broadcasted in Mexico and other countries of people who are rich and famous. People do not have an accurate or realistic picture of America; so if they could actually see what lies behind the wall then they would realize that it not worth it to try to jump over the border fence because they will simply see green vegetation and areas that are very similar to Mexico as well as areas that are different but defiinetley no "streets paved with gold". Once they can actually see through the wall then it will give people a realistic view of America while they are still in Mexico so many more people will see that it is not worth risking your life or imprisonment to come all the way to America. It's like when you are not allowed to do something then you really want to do it; so if we had see through walls then people would say "ok I see how America is; it's not so different" and thus would not try to jump over the border wall to satiate their curiosity of what lies behind the border fence. People would see what lies behind the fence and they would be happy with that; no need to climb over the fence/wall if you can already see what lies behind it. Suddenly crossing over the wall/fence is not so interesting anymore; so thus there would be much less illegal border crossings. This is an idea that one should think about. In fact this is a very humane way to solve the problem.


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