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Security implications that span from medical oxygen to the air we breathe

Joe Bender. The Dept of Home Security and FEMA has reached out to me to be a CERT instructor. I graduated in Environmental Health and Safety Management. I am educated in Bioterrorism and Epidemiology bringing me to 16 accreditation. I have read that mortality in surgical patients has been 45% of death, and the balance is Pulmonary difficulty. The only coincidence is those people needed Oxygen. There should be an investigation as to the TRUE purity of the Oxygen being used. I also have shared the real probability of the environmental air being contaminated through purposeful disseminated contaminates. This was shared with DHS. There has been no evidence that air samples PPB have been taken to differ molecules in the environment. I shared that aeresoled RADS water droplets could have been the vehicles to deliver the contaminates as they wouldn't evaporate the same way as humidity or moisture. I highly suggest this to be done. How else did the US and French warships get contaminated from being at sea during the outbreaks?? I also shared that the outbreaks could have been disseminated by Drones launched from the multiple "Bad Actors" while Russian Submarines were being tracked at the same time of the outbreaks. Look outside of the box.œ


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