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Securing the Nations Food Supply and Distribution. Logistical and practical. Off Topic

The nation's food supply and the pipeline to get the products from fields and into markets are not currently being addressed by this administration. Nor is the help farmers will need in both planting and picking their crops. With borders shut down migrant laborers aren't getting in that would normally be on the frontlines of securing the nation's food supply. As a result, crops are and will continue to rot in fields and/or not get planted at all. We need a policy of allowing migrant workers into the country in sufficient numbers to secure the planting and picking of the food supply. If those restrictions aren't lifted you are going to have to hire a lot of people by resurrecting the old CCC program so that people can earn a living while securing the nation's food supply.

Trucking companies have been dropping like flies for the past two years and this is leaving a bottleneck in the procurement and delivery of foods and other goods across the country. There are thousands of truckers who have lost their jobs in recent months and years. This needs to be remedied once again through US government intervention by hiring as many truckers as possible to get foods and other goods to market in a timely manner.

Securing the needs of the nation for medical first responders should have been made a priority long ago. Instead of putting up money and resources to get the manufacture of ventilators and N95 as well as other PPE equipment and drugs like paralytic drugs that are needed to intubate patients, this administration has been extremely lax in not asking pertinent questions as to what is needed in the nation's hospitals. Hospitals, especially rural ones have been closing down for a decade at precisely the time when we need those facilities open and should be building mo0re of like China did to house and treat Covid-19 patients. This can also be achieved by repurposing existing buildings like stadiums, event centers, schools, and the like to become interim hospitals. This will require the US government to not only take over these entities but also hire the personnel needed to make this a viable option. Electricians, pipefitters, carpenters, and others will need to get hired to upgrade electrical and water systems; To create separated rooms for each patient, to install the necessary equipment to make this viable too including nurses and doctors stations, pharmaceutical dispensary, a breakroom with refrigerator and microwaves so those on the front lines can eat as well as a fully staffed kitchen to feed patients and the foods, dishes, and other items needed to work safely and be as sterile as possible.

There is much more than what I have listed here to do which should have been planned for and started at least two months ago. I'm extremely disappointed in the lack of urgency on many fronts that need to happen now since wishing they happened yesterday is pointless and no longer possible.


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