Election Security

Secure our elections.Change the way we vote

The best way to secure the way we vote and that our votes are truly count. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin that came up with the way to collect national votes throughout our expanding nation was to use the Electoral voting system.Well, Ben is dead and our nation needs to be able to secure our way of political process that doesn't make our system into a Chutes and Ladders game. Technology uses apps from Google Playstore for everything on earth. WE THE PEOPLE can use the app system to be able to study the people running, address what we wish to happen and finally vote without drama. People would have the power of the vote and not a kinda-sort-of what individual votes carry the highest electoral vote. Apps in everyone's hands will keep the corrupt politics and counts out, and this will be the final way that all peoples votes count. Once the app has been filled out it is unchangable and unattainable from corruption. Should there be a question all we have to do is hit resubmit. Corrupt people can change 2 categories such as Republican and Democrat votes. They can't change millions of votes that are controlled by each palm in America. Get out of the archaic times.



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